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"Home finance (professional vers.) is the right power tool either for your home accounting or your business financial management, as well. It combines at once reliability, simplicity and the highest flexibility while you're arranging own cashflow. Despite its name, this program will be more than indispensible for interpreneurs in providing full statement control and adjustment of money turnovers within your business. Top powerful diary available is entirely compatible with MS Outlook. Total MS Excel reports present clear view of any kind of diagrams, just a mouse click detailed retrievals with unlimited data output analysis. And frankie, mature logical intuitive interface is supposed to be close and reliable companion of your favorite notebook. Domestic finances is far much above than just that case to be only mean for home accounting, it's also a great thing allowing you not only to be up to date but at the same time helps to set your eyes on poor weak points of your personal and family budget, organize the best ways for your money resources, make you feel secure and free."

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